The Two DDA (Dutch Dakota Association) DC-3's, PH-DDZ & PH-PBA

Here are Both DDA DC-3's PH-DDZ and PH-PBA taken on April 28th, 2001 by Francois Dumas. The DDA now have both DC-3's in 'flying condition' and often they can be seen flying together at at their base at Schiphol, Amsterdam. Below is PH-DDZ.

PH-PBA below, is the second DC-3, owned by the Dutch Dakota Association. "Royal" DC-3 PH-PBA, The history of this particular aicraft is: The livery is exactly as it was when this DC-3 was the personal plane of HRH Prince Berhard husband of Dutch Queen Mother Juliana when he was Inspector General of all Dutch Armed Forces, hence the four general's stars on the tail and HRH's personal coat of arms behind the cockpit windows. And the registration obviously standing for Prince Berhard Alpha. The interior consists of only sixteen very wide, very plush, first class seats as well as a rearward facing seat in the l/h front with a folding table of highly polished mahoganywood in between. The table holds a hidden rack for four bottles, too.. PBA was fpr a while on jacks for a maintenance inspection combined with some final adjustments that are required by the Dutch Civ.Air Authority on pax flightsafety (eg. small things like relocating clips for battery torches etc.)