Incredible DC-3 Photographs

This incredible DC-3 photograph was taken by Janne Laukkonen and reproduced here with his kind permission. It is the Aero (Finnair) Douglas DC-3 In Flight Finland, June 14, 2000. Registered as OH-LCH (#6346, mfd 0042). Considering the doors of this DC-3 are on the right hand side, and the fact that Janne was aboard this DC-3 during the taking of this shot, how do you think he was able to get that angle without opening up a cabin window?

Further below, is a nice cockpit shot from inside the same Finnair DC-3 by Janne.

This excellent picture was taken (permission granted) by Glenn Alderton

This fantastic picture below, was taken (permission granted) by Steve Kemper, he realized it was something special when he took it. The boat underneath it was a surprise.

Another astonishing picture below, taken by Ben Wagg, It is SEVEN DC-3's in formation flying over Coventry, UK. (excellent picture, thanks Ben).

The following shot was taken by DDA Maintenance engineer Paul van der Berg and show DDA DC-3 PH-DDZ taxiing out to runway 04 at Amsterdam Airport for take-off. Sent in by Jerry Plettenberg, ...Great photography !!


The following shot was taken by William W. Sierra (permission granted). Sadly this Caribair DC-3 was used for fire practice in 1972. Taken in San Juan - Luis Muņoz Marin Int'l (SJU), Puerto Rico, June 1972