DC-3's at Biggin Hill, UK, 2000

All photo's kindly sent in by my good friend Enno Borgsteede who attended the Biggin Hill Air Show in the South of England, 2000.

The following information has been provided about all remaining DC-3/C-47's in the UK, kindly researched and written by the great DC-3 researcher, Coert Munk.

DC-3's IN UK

A provisional listing of all DC-3's in UK (from my earlier book on Daks in Europe). Itís not complete, the Booker US registered Dak is not yet on the list and I didnít check other recent changes!!

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by Coert Munk, May 2000


a airworthy

der derelict

st static display

std stored

u/r under restoration

Aldershot, Airborne Forces Museum

C-47B KP208 16671/33419 st, 44-77087, in D-Day c/s

Booker-Wycombe Air Park, Booker Aircraft Museum

C-47A F-GEFU 19074 st, (6W-SAF), 42-100611, (F-BNFB), 0-00611, (0-100611), (0-20611), 42-100611, nose-section only, painted in USAAF 438th TCG c/s as "4U", loaned to other parties regularly

Brenzett, Brenzett Aeronautical Museum

C-47B G-AMSM 15764/27209 st, KN274, 43-49948, nose-section only, stored outside at the remainders of this former RAF-airfield.

Coningsby, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

C-47A ZA947 10200 a, KG661, 661, 42-24338, "Portpatrick Princess", as YS-DM of RAF 271Sq.

Cosford, Aerospace Museum

C-47B (KG374/YS) 16587/33335 st, 8355M, KN645, 44-77003

Coventry, Air Atlantique

C-47B G-AMCA 16218/32966 a, KN487, 44-76634, Pollution Control

C-47A G-AMHJ 13468 a, SU-AZI, G-AMHJ, ZS-BRW, KG651, 42-108962, Pollution Control

C-47B G-AMPO 16438/33186 a, (KF964), G-AMPO, LN-RTO, G-AMPO, KN566, 44-76854, Pollution Control

C-47B G-AMPY 15124/26569 a, (NW21711), (EI-BKJ), G-AMPY, N15751, TF-FIO, JY-ABE, (JY-AAE), G-AMPY, KK116, 43-49308, Pollution Control

C-47B G-AMPZ 16124/32872 a, EI-BDT, G-AMPZ, TF-AIV, (PH-RIC), G-41-3-66, G-AMPZ, OD-AEQ, G-AMPZ, KN442, 44-76540, with passenger and freighter configuration

C-47B G-AMRA 15290/26735 a, (CCCP-7245), G-AMRA, XE280, G-AMRA, KK151, 43-49474, freighter and passenger configuration

C-47B G-AMSV 16072/32820 a, (F-BSGV), G-AMSV, KN397, 44-76488, Pollution Control

C-47B G-AMYJ 15968/32716 a, SU-AZF, G-AMYJ, XF747, G-AMYJ, KN353, 44-76384, Pollution Control

C-47B G-ANAF 16688/33436 a, N170GP, G-ANAF, (KP220), G-ANAF, KP220, 44-77104, Pollution Control

C-47B G-APML 14175/25620 std, KJ836, 43-48359

Coventry, Dutch Dakota Association

C-47A G-HPBA 19434 a, PH-PBA (PH-TCB), PH-PBA, (PH-RLD), 42-100971, rebuilt with major sections of C-47A G-BVOL c/n 9836

Duxford, Imperial War Museum

C-47A 315509 19975 st, (KG418), (FD988), (G-AGIV), G-BHUB, (911-9), (911-09), (901-9), T.3-29, N51V, N9985F, SE-BBH, 43-15509

Fleet, Dakota's American Bistro Restaurant

C-47A N9050T 12472 st, 5N-ATA, (N9050T), 5N-ATA, PH-MAG, G-AGYX, KG437, 42-92648, the cockpitsection is on display in the bar, together with more of the fuselage and an engine.

Hatch/Rotary Farm, private

C-47A N5595T 20002 std, G-BGCG, (745-27), (901-7), T.3-27, N49V, NC50322, 43-15536

Kew, Kew Trucking

C-47A F-GEFY 13430 st, (6W-SAE), 293510, (F-SEYE), 93510, OK-WCR, OK-WAR, 42-93510, nose-section only, mounted on trailer for static display at shows

London, Science Museum

C-47B KN448 16170/32918 st, 44-76568, nose-section only

North Weald, Aces High Ltd.

C-47A N147DC 19347 a, G-DAKS, (TS423), (KG374), (NA+LB), (100884), (G-AGHY), G-DAKS, TS423, 42-100884

North Coates, Museum

C-47B G-AMSN 16631/33379 a, N3455, G-AMSN, EI-BSI, SU-BFZ, N3455, G-AMSN, KN673, 44-77047, "Ian Drury"

North Weald, Dakota Club

C-47A N47FK 9700 a, EC-FNS, EC-187, N2669A, C-FEEX, CF-EEX, N308FN, N3PG, N3W, N7V, NC49538, 42-23838

Parham, 390th Bomb Group Memorial Air Museum

DC-3 N4565L 2108 u/r, (N3TV), LV-GYP, LV-PCV, N129H, N512, N51D, N80C, NC21744, damaged in heavy storm at Ipswich on January 25, 1990. A pre-war DC-3, built in 1939 for the Eastern A/L, impounded on September 3, 1991 by the Ipswich Borough Council due to non-payment of parking fees, the aircraft was sold to Aces High Ltd. of North Weald in late 1994 who removed the engines, props and undercarriage for spares use. The airframe then was sold on to the museum and moved to Parham

Shoreham, South Coast Airways

C-47A G-DAKK 9798 a, F-GEOM, (G-OFON), F-GEOM, 36, (FYGGC), 23936, OK-WZB, OK-WDU, 42-23936

Wroughton, Science Museum

DC-3A EI-AYO 1911 st, N655GP, N65556, N255JB, N8695E, N333H, NC16071, delivered in 1936 to United A/L