Mystery DC-3 in Canada Solved!

Borek DC-3 Edmonton, Canada ID

 It's presently stored in the town of Chipman, Alberta, Canada (population 250) and this town is 25 miles east of Edmonton, Alberta which has a population of 800,000 people and a city center airport. 

Photo's Sent in by Greg Rees

If you have any information, please E-MAIL  me and I will include on this page.


Greg finally found the information via Buffalo airways...

Chipman DC-3

Aircraft info: Built in the USA on 11 Aug 1943, S/n 11876 (42-92112)

Dates and Organizations that operated this particular Aircraft:

28 Aug 1946 RFC

Feb 1953 General A/W Inc. (USA registration # NC41455)

1955 WC Wold Assoc.

12 Dec 1956 Montreal Air Services (Canadian registration # CF-IQR)

18 Aug 1958 Wheeler A/L Ltd

21 Jun 1961 Canadian Aircraft Renters

MCA/Nordair Ltd

03 Jun 1964 Wheeler A/L Ltd (Montreal)

MCA/Nordair Ltd

01 Sep 1964 Sudair Ltd

08 Sep 1967 Nordair Ltd (Dorval, Que)

02 Jun 1969 Nordair Ltd (Frobisher, NWT)

26 Oct 1970 Nordair Ltd(Dorval, Que)

Feb 1976 Bradley Air Services

1976 Kenting Aviation Ltd (Resolute Bay, NWT)

1976 Survair Ltd

1976 Kenn Borek Air Ltd

28 Feb 1977 Crashed in Saglone, Northern Quebec

1977-1980 Sent to Calgary

Sep 1983 Stripped of parts for C-FBZI at St.Albert

Approx. Fall 1983 Sent to Chipman for storage