DC-3 Sound Files

The most comprehensive collection of DC-3 sound files on the Internet, available here for free.

I personally recorded 'ALL' of the following sound files this year (1998), during my many flights on our Ozark Airlines DC-3, 'N763A' owned by the Prairie Aviation Musuem and based at Bloomington, Illinois, US (shown above). We did the airshow circuit in the US Mid West with much success. The sound files (or 'wav' files) were recorded through my Video Camera and then transfered to my PC using Win95/98's sound recorder. You are most welcome to download these sound files and use them as you see fit. All I ask, is that you credit my Web Site here with the name & URL should you make them available after downloading from here. I think you will agree that this site has the most comprehensive DC-3 sound file collection on the Internet. Feel free to experiment with them, change them etc,. If you are well versed with using Win95/98 sound recorder, you can change these files to Stereo after downloading.

I tried to cover all aspects of the various sounds you would hear from a typical DC-3, this includes recordings made from the outside, inside the cabin and inside the cockpit and during all phases of flight. A description is next to each sound file giving information to what the actual sound file is. It is important to note that I have described from what position each sound was recorded from. Depending on the recording position, each sound can be heard differently depending on whether it was from outside the aircraft, inside the passgenger cabin, or inside the cockpit. The Pratt & Whitney hum can be heard to perfection on these sounds. I can tell you that some of my favorite recordings here (although I like them all) are those of the pre-flight engine checks from idle to full throttle recorded from inside the cockpit. If you have any questions or comments, drop me an E-Mail and I will reply to you as swiftly as possible.


There are over 30 DC-3 sound files available.

1. If you want to hear the sounds on-line without downloading, simply click on each speaker Icon and you will be asked to "open the file". It will take just a few moments for your browser to retreive the file for it to be played automatically while on-line.

2. If you prefer to download the file, after clicking on the icon, simply choose the "save it to disk" option and download onto your PC, to a directory of your choice.

3. I made an attempt to keep all the sound file sizes as small as possible, so it will only take a few moments for you to download each file.

1.wav Number 2 (left) engine start up (number 1 engine running) after two flights were made during same day (outside recording).
2.wav Taking off in the distance (outside recording).
3.wav Taxiing to runway before take-off (outside recording).
4.wav Taxiing to apron after landing (outside recording).
5.wav Taking off in the distance, (outside recording) by my father-in-law because I was 'inside' the DC-3 at the time.
6.wav Taxiing away for runway (outside recording).
7.wav Take-off (recorded from inside the passenger cabin).
8.wav Cruising at 2,000 feet (recorded from inside the passenger cabin).
9.wav Landing (recorded from inside the passenger cabin), includes main wheel tire screech sounds.
a10.wav Another Take off (recorded from inside the passenger cabin).
a11.wav Cruising at 3,000 feet (recorded from inside the cockpit).
a12.wav Rough landing, including each main wheel screech, ending with tail wheel screech, (recorded from inside the passenger cabin).
a13.wav Yet another take-off (recorded from inside the passenenger cabin).
a14.wav Cruising at 4,000 feet (recorded from inside the passenger cabin).
a15.wav Short runway landing including main wheel tire screech (recorded from inside the passenger cabin).
a16.wav Taxiing on a windy day (recorded from inside the passenger cabin).
a17.wav Typical Cockpit noise during cruise speeds (recorded from inside the cockpit).
a18.wav Taxiing (recorded from inside the cockpit).
a19.wav Pre-flight number 1 (right) engine check from idle to full throttle to idle (recorded from inside the cockpit).
a20.wav Pre-flight number 2 (left) engine check from idle to full throttle to idle (recorded from inside the cockpit).
a21.wav Pre-flight number 1& 2 (simultaneous) engines check from idle to full throttle (recorded from inside the cockpit).
a22.wav Number 1 (right) engine start sequence (recorded from inside the cockpit).
a23.wav Landing including main wheel and tail wheel screech (recorded from inside the cockpit).
a24.wav Number 1 (right) engine start up (recorded from outside).
a25.wav Number 2 (left) engine start up with number one already started (recorded from outside).
a26.wav And yet another take off (recorded from outside).
a27.wav Landing including main wheel screech (recorded from outside).
a28.wav Taxiing and steering 180 degrees (recorded from outside).
a29.wav A stubborn number 1 (right) engine start up (recorded from outside).
a30.wav A very stubborn number 2 (left) engine start up with number 1 already running (recorded from outside).
a31.wav A distant take off (recorded from outside).