Clark Gable's DC-3


The following information sent in by Kikko aka Zanaboni Franco


The plane on display at the Aviation Museum belonged to American actor Clark Gable from 1956 to 1963 (N242AG), purchased from the US Navy. The flight logs in our
possession show that many celebrities have flown in this aircraft, including John F. Kennedy and his brother Bob, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan when he was still a young actor. The last flight of this DC-3 was, in 1986, from U.S.A. to Venice (Italy). 

I -COFR 12679 Preserved at Museo Aeronautico Airpark, Loreto, is no longer there and has moved to Rimini / San Marino Aviation Museum in Italy since the mid '90 and is still there in good static condition. The inusual note that may be worth of mention in the website is that this DC-3 WAS the personal plane of Mr. Clark Gable in the late fifties , as well described in the Museum's individual airplane history.