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Tradewinds Aircraft Supply, Inc. - DC-3/C47 Parts & Service

World Wide Dakota Club - A website about the Douglas Series , Concorde Boeing SST and so much more.

Find DC-3 Aircraft for Sale on GPS - GlobalPlaneSearch.com is the place to search for hard-to-find aircraft. Your best resource to find Douglas DC-3's available on the aircraft market !

Friends of the DC-3 - Friends of the DC-3 acts as an information centre for all those people interested in the greatest aeroplane ever built. The Douglas DC-3/C-47

Remote Area Cargo Corps. - Remote Area Medical« (RAM) Volunteer Corps is a non-profit, volunteer, airborne relief corps dedicated to serving mankind by providing free health care, dental care, eye care, veterinary services, and technical and educational assistance to people in remote areas of the United States and the world.

Air Cargo - Air Cargo company with two active DC-3s.

Fly a 1941 Douglas DC-3 - Full IFR, Dual HSI's, GPS, Radar ratings, or just take a turn at the wheel. Log time in your logbook in a vintage airliner. Receive credit for ATP, tail wheel, and multi-engine.

Springbok Flying Safaris - South African Classic Flying Safari company, providing African tours by air in the timeless, classic DC-3

Delta DC-3 Ship 41 - Over 100 photos documenting a ferry flight from Atlanta to Orlando on Delta ship 41 in April 2004. Photos include: interior, exterior, in-flight, and ramp photos.

Duggy DC3 - The Smile in the Sky! - Duggy the DC3 - is The Smile in the Sky. Cartoon DC3 is for all ages.

the Civil Aviation pit-stop! - Main European Airports, more than 1300 links to world wide Air Companies, advertisements from the principal Italian newspapers: accidents, emergency on board, rumours; miscellaneous web sites links: accident and safety, aircraft sale, association, authority, flight school, training centre, flight simulation, forum, job, news, manufacturers, portalů

Pacific Southwest Avionics - We provide avionics installation and repair services, avionics upgrades, and specialize in panel refurbishment and custom modifications.

American Flight Museum - C47/DC3 Restored as a Vietnam Era AC-47 Gunship

D Day Traveling Museum - WHAT "The Traveling Museum is a "chopped" WWII C-47 airplane left there to deteriorate as a "prop" for the 57th Squadron Restaurant.(See Pictures) Since then, it has been restored to static display condition, placed on a mobile house trailer frame, repainted with WWII invasion stripes and markings and the cockpit, and cargo bay is filled with original (walk-through) historical displays. A child or adult can walk through the entire airplane, and see original D-Day Artifacts,

The DC-3 Network - DC-3 training, ratings, parts, maintenance, Opportunity open to all pilots to sit left seat and fly a DC-3

Historic DC-3 Manual, Documents and Photographs - Rare Aviation is an online repository for rare and unique aviation documents and photographs that are made available in digital format. Steve, the owner, has a special place in his heart for the DC-3.

avionart - We offer authentic DC-3 parts as home and office decorational objects. DC-3 wingtip desk and vintage propellers,DC-3 skinpanels decorated with Nose Art or logo.

Australia and Air Nostalgia - Fully restored DC3 offering joyflights and charters. Based Melbourne and flying all over Australia. Undernose camera system to screens over seats ensures great views. Exceptional refit.

Take Flight Video Productions - Welcome to Take Flight Video Productions! the producers of the 'Real Life Aviator Video Series'. Our videos are made for you. Place yourself in the pilots seat of many unique aircraft around the world and watch flight crews demonstrate the skills and techniques used to get the job done safely and efficiently. Buckle up and visit our online WebPage: www.takeflightvideo.com

Thai Flight Simulator - As part of the best simulation web site in Thailand, I have created pages as a section for DC-3! The section contains everything about this aircraft operated in Thailand including registration codes, where to see them using interactive maps, and more than 200 pictures of this aircraft taken by myself and members. Moreover, I have included DC-3 aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.. for the main concept of DC-3 Project in Thailand "find them, fly them"

Irish 5-String banjo and flying stuff - Type rated in DC3's, TP,piston and Trimotors. Pics, video clips and banjo music.

The DC-3 Hangar - The Largest DC-3 site on the Internet: Visit "The DC-3 Hangar!"