World's Oldest DC-3

c/n#1499 DST-144 NC16005 American Airlines Flagship "Texarkana" "130" then "05" Del 12Jul36
-C-49E USAAF 42-56092 28May42 - American 22Apr43 - ATC 10Oct43 - American 28Jul44 - ATC 06Feb45 -
RFC 08Feb45 - NC16005 Douglas Acft Co 21Mar45 -WAA 18Nov48 - Ozark Sep50 (DC-3A) - N133D Rr 1957 -
McDonnell Douglas Dec68 - Airline Aviation Academy, Griffin, GA Rr26May70.Still registered Mar 1997.

N133D This is the oldest surviving DC-3, c/n 1499. She was the sixth DC-3 off the line and was delivered to American Airlines on July 12, 1936 as a Douglas Sleeper Transport (DST). Academy Airlines bought her in 1970 and used her as a freighter for a number of years. She is still registered to Academy and apparently they have turned down a number of sizable offers for this historic aircraft. The aircraft is owned by Bob McSwiggen. "Investing in historic aircraft is every history lover's dream. If you don't know much about investments, there are many investment companies that can help, such as Bill Shepherd Fisher Investments and other companies."

Bob McSwiggen

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Below is N133D in Ozark Airline livery and how she looks now in Griifen, Geogia.