Oshkosh Airshow 2002 and the DC-3/C-47's in Attendance.

Below is a selection of 40 photographs, all of which have been taken by myself at the Oshkosh Airshow, Wisconsin, USA. Oshkosh is the biggest Airshow in the world. Basler Turbo facilities are based at Oshkosh, they convert C-47's (not DC-3's) to the BT-67 Turbo-prop. They always have a large stock of C-47/DC-3's, and what they do not convert, they sell as spare parts to DC-3 owners. Other than Basler Turbo, Oshkosh brings many DC-3/C-47 visitors and I usually try and manage to photograph them all, over the course of my three day visit. I miss just one or two each year but get those the following year. I think you will find, that Oshkosh Airshow is certainly the place to be if you are a Goonery bird fan like I. If you have any questions or comments about any of the photo's, please E-Mail me and I will reply to you swiftly.


      Thanks to..  LAWRENCE SAFIR up-dated 30/09/2002 for an Oshkosh inventory below...  


      N21BF c/n.9832 (in service) Basler Airlines titles (ex-RCAF c/s)
     27/07/01 on Terminal ramp 26/07/02 on Basler ramp

      N300BF c/n.15299/26744 (in service) Basler Airlines titles (BT-67 cvsn) [P]
      27/07/01 on Terminal ramp 26/07/02 on Basler ramp

      N840MB c/n.9670 Complete, no titles or paint except white top and outlined
      emergency exit window,yellow-outlined forward baggage door and red
      prop. stripe
     27/07/01 + 26/07/02 on Basler ramp

      N2685W c/n.16262 thick red cheatline along windows 'fanning'over fin with red
      N2685W (diagonally) up forward fin
       27/07/01 on Basler ramp [on conversion line as No.42  26/07/02]

      2. Behind Turbo Conversions facility (dumped)

      ?? c/n. ??? [possibly ex Thai AF '883' (1)]
      Fuselage, on wheels (un-painted) reputedly ex Thai AF (minus wings, glazing,
      doors and tail empennage), as airframe with damaged section, reported as result
      of being dropped during unloading from ship during transfer ex Thailand to
      Oshkosh (same position 27/07/01 + 26/07/02)

      ?? c/n. ??? [ex Thailand ??]Fuselage, on wheels (un-painted) (minus wings,
      glazing, doors and tail empennage) [additional to airframe mentioned above,
      possibly acquired for spares - or not converted due corrosion, etc.]
     (same position 27/07/01 + 26/07/02)

      ?? c/n. ??? [ex Thai AF] fuselage, on wheels (camouflage - port side carries
      Thai titling with daubed 'RTAF') (minus wings, glazing, doors and tail
      empennage) possibly acquired for spares - or not converted due corrosion, etc.]
     (same position 27/07/01 +26/07/02)

      ?? c/n. ??? fuselage, on wheels (camouflage - no titles) Could this be
      ex-Colombia [see NOTES] ? (minus wings, glazing, doors and tail empennage)     
      (same position 27/07/01 +26/07/02)

      N23SA c/n.4093 (ex-Polair) (ex Turbo 3) Fuselage, on wheels (with Polair's
      yellow/black scheme and titles) (minus outer wings and without all (3) engines,
      but with all glazing, closed doors, minus tail empennage)
      (same position 27/07/01 + 26/0702)

      N100BF c/n.43361 [C-117] ex US Marines (no titles or paint, un-converted)
      (same position 27/07/01 + 26/07/02)

      N115NA c/n.11625 On wheels, red c/s (minus outer wings, ailerons, elevators,
      rudder + both engines) (same position 27/07/01 + 26/07/02)

      XA-RPE c/n.2137 (ex N38PB: single right-hand passenger door) in complete Aero
      Libertad red / white / black scheme and titles (minus both engines,
      ailerons, elevators, rudder)
      (same position 27/07/01 + 26/07/02)

      XA-RPN c/n.2167 (ex N40PB: single right-hand passenger door) in complete Aero
      Libertad red / white / black scheme and titles (minus stbd.
      engine, ailerons, elevators, rudder)
      (same position 27/07/01 + 26/07/02)

      (Bu)17216 c/n. 43334 [R4D-8/C-117D] in faded 'United States Marines' scheme and
      titles; fuselage only, sealed glazing (no wings, wheels or tail empennage)
      ('HEMS-32' and serial on rear fuselage, 'G' + '05' on nose)
      (same position 27/07/01 + 26/07/02

      [3] (inside Basler Turbo Conversions (some 2001 only)

      (36) Present 27/07/01 (but as '41': 26/07/02). Listed as N40359/FAC-1670 ex
      42-00662 for Colombian AF(No.5) [i.e. c/n.19125]. Listed by Basler as
      delivered 30 June 2000. Had aircraft been delivered (30.06.2000) AND
      damaged in service AND already returned to Oshkosh (by C-130), when on line in
      July '01 (then still as No.36 FAC-1670) ? [see NOTES and remarks to No.41

      (37) Present 27/07/01 as 'FAC1658' (quoting N91BF, c/n.32541). Although
      listed by Basler as delivered 31 January 2001, it was seen 27/07/01, appearing
      still to be under conversion, minus original engines, vertical tail (which was
      stored along hangar wall), nose cone, rear doors, glazing to windows, section
      around forward door re-panelled and un-painted, still with 6 (not 8) fuselage
      windows (port side) and signle forward 'slit' viewing panel), painted in white
      scheme with thin cheatline above windows and FUERZA AEREA COLOMBIANA titles,
      roundel to rear, squadron (?) large red badge and black '1658' under cockpit
      27/07/01 [see NOTES below]

      (38) Present 27/07/01 (NOT 26/07/02) '38 Special' c/n.19052 ex 42-100589 (per
      Basler) on line (8/01) (7th for Colombia) when already re-engined, centre
      section installed, un-painted, but 'under conversion to gun-ship' with
      'revolver' image painted on nose.
      Basler (2002) list quotes this as FAC1667 dd: 15/01/02.

      (39) '39" c/n.20082 (N6898D) Present 27/07/01 (NOT 26/07/02). Under conversion
      (07/01), still with civilian black and yellow c/s, no titles
      [P] 27/07/01.
      Basler (2002) quotes this as RTAF882 (re-use of serial). Original aircraft
      either wf.u. in Thailand or (possibly) 1 of 2 derelict airframes (1 silver + 1
      in camouflage marked as RTAF) stored behind Basler facility.
      Presumably delivered after 15 January 2002 (last date quoted by Basler on 2002
      list, for No.37 to Colombia).

      (40) c/n. 9415 N400BF Present 27/07/01 + 26/07/02).Under conversion (07/01),
      un-painted aluminium, centre section cut prior to insertion of fuselage plug,
      engines, doors, windows and outer wings removed (no titles) [P] 27/07/01.
      Basler list (2002) quotes as 'Stock' but suggested as for Thailand (if so,
      would be 7th for RTAF). [see NOTES]

      (41) Listed by Basler as 'FAC1670 REWORK' quoting ex 42-00662 (Present
      26/07/02). Details match aircraft reported delivered by Basler as conversion
      No.36 30 June 2000. Basler list same engines (PY0038+PY0039) to both 'No.36'
      and 'No.41'. Cockpit inspected and indeed carries plate of c/n.19125, mfr.1943
      (corresponding with 42-00662).
      Titles (port) [FUE] RZA AEREA COLOMBIANA.
       Titles (stbd.) FUERZA AEREA COLOMBI [ANA] (stbd.)
      Un-painted aluminium overall (apart from blue/grey nose and un-marked fin),
      with yellow roundel to rear, with both PT-67 engines (minus props.) , port wing
      stub only, stbd. wing stub and outer lower section only.

      (42) N2685W c/n.16262/33010 (Basler lists as 'Stock') On Basler ramp,
      without titles but full red/white paint scheme + spray equipment: 27/07/01)
      [On conversion line: 26/7/02]

      (43) N845MB c/n.19685 (43-15219) Not shown on Basler's 2002 list, but on
      conversion line 26/07/02.


      36 a.k.a. 41. If Basler correctly state that No.36 (FAC-1670) had an accident
      that required a re-work (but not new engines) - and this airframe, now listed
      as No.41 does carry 'correct' c/no. plate, did something also happen to No.37
      (see below) ?

      37. N91BF/FAC-1658 was reported by Basler as delivered 31 Jan-01. However it
      was present (or had been returned ?), on the conversion line 27/07/01 (but not
      26/07/02). A nose, clearly marked FAC-1658 was dumped outside (26/07/02) 
      Is FAC-1658 still active (as a Basler BT-67 !) in Colombia ? If (??) the nose
      section was replaced since original conversion, this might explain presence on
      Oshkosh line in July 2001 despite Basler (2001 and 2002) quoted dd.30 Jan.

      40. Although N400BF is listed as 'stock', it was on the 2001 line, without
      engines yet fitted, when 2 PY (i.e. turbo ?) engines (serials PY0032 + PY0037)
      were already listed to RTAF as 'Spare Parts'. This might 'suggest' that they
      were manufactured for use in an additional RTAF conversion. [Basler's (2001)
      list gave (stock) dates of 15 Nov.'99 + 28 Jan.00 respectively].

      2nd un-converted camouflaged airframe (c/no. and origin un-known): The fact
      that Basler (2002) list, shows 2 engines (serials 106217+106218) and 3
      propellors ex Colombian AF being held as Spare Parts might 'suggest' that the
      2nd camouflaged aircraft (1st is marked RTAF) may have been 'traded-in'
      ex-Colombia and 'donated' original piston engines and props.

      Alternatively, if listed engines and props. are turbo installations, might they
      be awaiting attachment to a new Colombian conversion (No.42 and /or No.43) ?


     Oshkosh EAA Air Show Area:


      N1XP c/n.4733 (as "0-93800") with North Dakota Air Guard titles [P] [Present
      28/07/00, NOT 27/07/01, but present 26/7/02]

      N28AA c/n.2239 Poly Fiber (ex-N139PB)
      [Present 27/7/01: NOT present Oshkosh: 26/07/02]

      N603MC c/n.4932 no titles, blue cheatline (Classic Airlines) [P]
      [Present 27/7/01 on flightline].

      Reported as aircraft on Basler terminal ramp (now minus rudder !!): 26/07/02

      N728G c/n.4359 full "Douglas DC-3" titles, logos + c/s [P]
      [Present 27/7/01 + 26/7/02]

      N734H c/n.4727 (no titles) (yellow and white c/s)
      [Present 27/7/01: NOT 26/7/02]

      N814CL c/n.17103/34370 full United Air Lines post-War c/s + titles (Clay
      Lacey), drop-down single passenger door, "Mainliner O'Connor" under cockpit,
      f/n.1102 on nose, white 'United' on port wing, dark blue N814CL on top of stbd.
      wing) [Present 27/7/01: NOT 26/7/02]

      N943DJ c/n.7313 white top, blue cheatline, no titles, drop-down single
      passenger door, 'Viewmaster' centre window, u/c doors, "The Spirit of
     [Present 27/7/01: NOT 26/7/02]

      N983DC c/n.12267 Air North green colours and titles, 'Yukon Sourdough' on fin,
      minus rudder. Experimental Aircraft Association. Present on
      terminal side of field 07/00 + 07/01, on flight line 26/07/02 (now with rudder
      !) [Airworthy ?

      N2805J c/n.20835 (ex 43-16369) Registered to EAA Warbirds of America, Topeka,
      KS. Painted as '43-770' (which, IF intended to represent 43-15770 was C-47
      c/n.20236 rptd. as b/u: 04.54 after use in Indo-China, so never an AC-47 !).
      This aircraft is in camouflage, 'advertised' as an AC-47 Spooky (complete with
      artwork on nose and (full) serial).present 26/07/02 [not
      28/07/00 or 27/07/01].

      N40386 c/n.14675/26120 (ex-S.Vietnam+Davis-Monthan) {Basler BT-67 'firebomber')
      Company stock aircraft (Conversion No.35)
     [Present 27/7/01 + 26/7/02]

      LAWRENCE SAFIR up-dated 30/09/2002.

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N734H & N983DC
Gun from N2805J
Gun from
Cockpit N2805J
N728G & N1XP
N728G & N1XP
c/n# 43334
Unknown nose section
P&W 1830 engines
Super DC-3 N100BF & ?
N23SA Polair Tri-Turbo & ?
FAC1670 c/n 19052
C-47 Instrument Panel
Closest is N2685W #42