The Seven DC-3's at R.A.F. Fairford, UK..

A good friend of mine by the name of Steve Kelly from the UK took photographs of the Seven DC-3/C-47's that attended the RAF Fairford Air Tattoo in the UK of 1998. They were there to commemorate 80 years of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and also to celebrate the Berlin Airlift, performed after the 2nd World War. I was told it was quite a sight to see with Seven DC-3/C-47's up in air and flying all at once. Air Atlantique the British based Airline, and largest operator of the DC-3, were a BIG presence at the Tattoo.

Below is a typical C-47 in the markings of the Royal Air Force, (RAF), "ZA-947". Note how the right side landing gear is just beginning to retract.

Below is another C-47 in the livery of the Royal Air Force Transport Command, (RAFTC). It is actually owned by Air Atlantique with a civil registration of "G-AMPZ". It's military registration is "KN442".

Below another Military markings C-47 but owned by a civil operator from the USA. Civil registration is "N147DC" and its military registration is "TS423".

Below is another Air Atlantique DC-3/C-47 "G-AMCA".

Below is the South Coast Airways DC-3/C-47 "G-DAKK", no doubt this particular registration was applied for because of the name given to this Aircraft by the British. "The Dakota" or 'Dak".

Below and yet another Air Atlantique DC-3/C-47, this time "G-AMRA". Air Atlantique is the biggest European operator of the DC-3 in Europe. They are based at Coventry, England.

Below is the Air Atlantique Pollution Control 'Oil Dispersant' C-47, "G-AMSV". This is also featured on the main page.