Radio Controlled DC-3

This is my radio-controlled DC-3 model that I have just about completed. It is built from a Topflite kit and is of balsa/plywood construction. The wingspan is 82" and the the fuselage is
55". It has operating landing gear, flaps and landing lights. It is modeled after an early Frontier DC-3 that flew with the airline during the 50's and 60's. In 1950, three airlines merged to form FAL: Monarch, based in Denver - Challenger, based in Salt Lake City - and Arizona Airways, based in Phoenix. N75028 came from Arizona Airways and was originally a C-47. In fact, I have a picture of the airplane in Arizona Airways colors with the old military carb air intakes and astrodome. It must have been placed into service in a hurry! My dad flew for Frontier,
so my exposure to DC-3's came very early in my life. I still remain a dedicated DC-3 nut. When I get my courage up, I'll see how well the model flies.

Chuck Stevens
Mesa, Arizona