January 13th, 2010

Updated Main page again and completely re-designed it, getting rid of some of the clutter that deveoped over the months, and enhanced the DC-3 - 75th Anniversary event. Looks more professional now.



January 11th, 2010

Updated Main page with new DC-3 - 75th Anniversary logo.


May 1st, 2009

Updated Main page with News Flash, on N763A, Pantagraph article, a link to a large page with my own thoughts/opinions on N763A, and a new web site logo, featuring of course, DC-3 N763A.


April 21st, 2009

Updated Main page with News Flash and low flying DC-3 pics


July 16th, 2008

Updated Main page Avnet banner with photo, updated DC-3 photo search function page.


January 3rd, 2008

Updated copyright information, Continual forum updates and fixed many broken links. We are in need of Sponsorship to stay alive on the Internet after 11 years, please se forum announcement for details.

April 25th, 2007

Added oldest known photograph of N763A as NC73726 to the Ozark DC-3 #1 link -

January 26th, 2007

Please support our new 2007 sponsors - links updated on mina page

Decemeber 6th, 2006

The DC-3 Hangar is now 10 years on the Internet!! 

November 7th, 2005

Altered main page look, made images smaller.

March 20th, 2004

Added LI-2 tec drawings for download and uploaded some RARE LI-2 crash shots from Russia to the 'Upload DC-3 Photos' section.

March 8th, 2004

Added "Photo Upload" function, improved the "Photo Search" engine, added new sponsors and changed the main page for looks and added some nice DC-3 photos. Improved the 'Site Image" search function also. Added more information into the FS2004 DC-3 section and added a link to the OZARK DC-3 XMAS ornament.

October 11th, 2003

Added IMPROVED & CORRECTED (version-7) DC-3 Flight Dynamics (Aircraft.cfg) for FS2004, Made several FS2004 add-ons availbale for download including Ozark Air Lines DC-3 'N763A' as well as many other goodies.

September 1st, 2003

Added IMPROVED & CORRECTED DC-3 2D Panel, IFR for FS2004, available for download.

August 25th, 2003

Added DC-3 repaint templates for FS2004 and also added DC-3 FS2004 sounds, now available for download.

March 23rd, 2003

Added some information on the recent Cuban DC-3 that was hijacked on the DC-3 in Cuba page

March 9th, 2003

Added 3 new sections, Randy Sohn's Warbird Notes, DC-3 Stories by Randy Sohn and "A DC-3 Space Shuttle". Also updated the 'How to Fly the DC-3" Section.

February 14th, 2003

Added a new section for Microsoft Flight Simulator, FS2004 and DC-3 downloads

February 9th, 2003

Added a new Interactive 'DC-3 Links" section, go visit and add your DC-3 Related link under the catergory that applies.

February 6th, 2003

Added a new DC-3 FORUM, a new DC-3 Guestbook and a new DC-3 Notice Board. These new features incorporate the new PHP format with automated scripting. Very nice!

February 4th, 2003

The DC-3 Hangar has successfully transfered to a bigger server boasting 20GB bandwidth. We are closing in on the 1/2 Million mark in visitor hits. How should this be celebrated? ..Anyone got ideas? We have 10 times a larger site than previous, which means lots of featured DC-3 goodies coming for the future. A lot of this of course is due to our new sponsor 'Ozark Silver Swallows' at We thank them for their support. During the transfer, there seemed to be no down time experienced, other than a glitch here and there with some of the links which I believe are now fixed. If you see an error, please let me know. If folks have ideas on what they would like to see on the site, please let me know. A NEW DC-3 forum has been created using the latest and greatest PHP format. I may possibly plan on expanding the DC-3 flight simulation section later this year. I attend DC-3 Ground School this weekend via the Prairie Avaition Museum, there are still seats left I am told, so if you are interested, click on the Prairie Aviation Museum link main page. Finally.. thanks for everyones support over the years.. this site is now with the big boys on the big servers which should make for faster access and a brighter future overall.

January 4th, 2003

Today is my Birthday!.. but that's beside the point. I updated and changed the main page for many reasons... To give it a more professional feel and look, but moreover, because I needed to cut down on the graphics and make the main page load much faster and cut down on the clutter, even for those with dial modems it should suffice and load much faster now. I also introduced some java applet menu's. I hope all these changes (I call them improvements), has folks pleased and gives us all, a good start to 2003. Comments welcome and thanks for your continued suppport. In addtion, I am looking to host the site on a new, bigger and faster server. I will keep you all informed on that progress. The site is almost 200MB in size now and more room on a bigger/faster server is severely in need. Ideally, I am looking for a dedicated host server for the site. This will cost even more $$ on a monthly basis, so I have to also figure out how to fund this site on a monthly basis. Happy New Year.. regards.. Trev Morson.

December 27th, 2002

Added another photo to the "DC-3 MotorHomes" page. Removed Christmas theme from main page and added the year '2003' into copyright statements. Happy New year everybody!

December 10th, 2002

Added more to the 'DC-3 in South Africa' page, lots of nice photo's.

December 4th, 2002

Added 'DC-3 Special Effect Photo's" page.. have fun, you don't want to miss these. Also fixed a broken link on the "Links" page.

December 2nd, 2002

Added Christmas theme picture. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year from

November 24th, 2002

Mystery DC-3 in Canada "Borek" is now solved with new information. Changed main page slightly. I had a broken link for the DC-3 ScreenSaver, I have fixed that.

November 11th, 2002

Added another photo to the 'Lambair DC-3 flight, Kabul' page and added a rare DC-3 in Cuba picture to the 'DC-3 in Cuba' section. And.. Added more photos to the same Cuba section.

November 10th, 2002

Added 3 new sections: Worlds Oldest DC-3, Mystery DC-3 in Chili Tam-30, Dc-3/C-47's in Alberta Canada.

November 8th, 2002

Added more info to the 'DC-3 in Honduras" section with some nice photos too. More to come concerning DC-3's in Holland and G-AMYJ and a story with pics before and after on G-AMPP.

November 7th, 2002

Added more info on the "Where to find DC-3's" page. Also fixed DC-3 Historical Society link. And, added the "DC-3/C-47 World Listing/Census", this is a link to a list of all DC-3's in the world today.

November 6th, 2002

Added another link to the 'links' page for DC-3 T-Shirts.

November 2nd, 2002

Added more info to VH-BAA restoration section (now VH-EWE), and more info to The DC-3 in Portugal.

October 26th, 2002

BIG UPDATE: Added the following new sections/pages...

 "Whereto Find DC-3's"
"The DC-3 in Portugal"
"The C-47 on Floats"
"Refurbishment of DC-3, VH-BAA"
"C-47 'Pinocchio'"DC-3
"R1830 Engine Chart"
"The DC-3 in Venezuela"
"PanAm DC-3 Flight Instruction"
"DC-3 Artwork & Drawings"
"1938 United DC-3 Crash"
"Two DC-3's in Ohio, US"
"DC-3 Motor Homes"
"Large Tec' Drawings of the DC-3"
"The DC-3 in New Zealand"
"Story of a DC-3 House!
"'Spooky'the AC-47 Gunship"
"Big DC-3 Lamp Collection"
"100 DC-3/C-47 Photo's"
"The DC-3 in South Africa"
"PanAm DC-3 Stewardess Story"
"The DC-3 in Cuba"
"C-47 Stories by Roland Rogers"
"The C-47 in Honduras"
"DC-3 on Chevy-Truck Wheels"
"Radio Control DC-3"
"Harlan Short R4D/DC-3 Collection"
"Buffalo Airways & the DC-3"
"R4D-5, & First South Pole Landing"
"The DC-3 in Germany"
"Mystery DC-3 in Canada?"
"Qantas & the DC-3"
"Clark Gable's DC-3"
"Belgium C-47 Crash Mystery?"
"DC-3 'Prop' Management"
"The DC-3 in France"
"DC-3 Operation Costs"

October 19th, 2002

Added more info to the 'Delta Ship 41' DC-3 section and added more photos to the 'Liverpool Airport & the DC-3 section, and also added three databases via a link to Aviation Safety Network for DC-3 Accidents, Incidents and Hijackings.

October 12th, 2002

Added a little info to the "Neglected DC-3 in the UK" section, Also added more info and pics to the 'DC-3 Weather Vane section'. And more info to the "Li2, Russian DC-3 section"

October 10th, 2002

Added More info on the C-47 in Dekalb Georgia

September 29th, 2002

Added Oshkosh 2002 DC-3/C-47/Turbo photo's, changed main page slightly and deleted a broken link.

September 10th, 2002

Added DC-3 database search again into index listing marked as new. Added 9-11 flash banner in memory of the tragic lives lost. Added some new Li2 stuff on the Li2 link. Fixed some broken links on DDA page.

July 17th, 2002

Added Prairie Aviation Museum Logo to main page with details about DC-3 Flights!

February 11th, 2002

Site was down and I had to re-upload the whole thing again. If anything (broken-links etc) are not working correctly, please e-mail me.

November 13th, 2001

*The Complete FS2002 DC-3 Sounds Suite* These can be used for 'any' DC-3/R4D/C-47 within FS2002. They use the new FS2002 sound format prepared in the sound.cfg file included. I recorded these new DC-3 sounds during my travels on the airshow circuit this year, 2001, during the hot summer months. The famous Pratt & Whitney Engine Hum has been captured right here.

October 14th, 2001

AVAILABLE NOW!! The BEST DC-3 ScreenSaver.. see main page links for details!

October 6th, 2001

Added Three new sections: Ozark Air Lines #5, Oshkosh DC-3/C-47 photo's 2001 and Flying the real DC-3, a comparison with flight simulation. More updates to come.

October 5th, 2001

Updated existing page 'Liverpool Airport & the DC-3' also updated existing page 'Lamp from a DC-3 Cylinder'. More updates to come.

September 29th, 2001

Added a 'NEW' Mailing List, Please subscribe and pass the word to receive the latest DC-3/C-47 information, movements and site updates via e-mail. Also added a new guestbook, new independant counter, refer a friend and a feedback form. All run from the DC-3 Hangar site without a 3rd party involved. The DC-3 Hangar is now completely self-sufficient with it's own cgi scripts run from it's server.

September 9th, 2001

Could not resist, but I had to change the look of the main page. Hope you all like it.

September 1st, 2001

Changed appearance of main page a little, by featuring the old control tower from Liverpool Airport, Speke, UK. (Now known as "Liverpool, John Lennon Airport", but that name applies to the new control tower and new terminal buildings just across from the old control tower featured here).

August 26th, 2001

Added new logo to main page. There will be many updates to the site made over the next few weeks. I have a nice lady by the name of Christine who has offered to ease the workload on 'our' site. Christine is now my partner and co-webmaster at, 'The DC-3 Hangar'. Welcome Christine! ...and thanks.

May 28th, 2001

Added three new sections: .. 'EAA DC-3 Refurbishment', 'DC-3 Photo's #15', 'The Two DDA DC-3's'. Also added new pics of 'Delta Ship 41', New pics in the 'Russian Li-2' section, New fact in the 'DC-3 Facts' section, Added more links into the 'DC-3 Links' section, 'DDA DC-3 Free flight simulator package' file is now available for download, Made some corrections to the 'Basler Turbo Inventory' list, added a "COMPLETE" DC-3 check list to the 'DC-3 Checklist' section, and finally on this busy day of updating the site, I changed the site logo slightly and added CSS style color to the scroll bars on main page.

May 8th, 2001

Added two new photo's to the "INCREDIBLE DC-3 Photo's" section.

May 6th, 2001

The FREE DC-3 DDA simulator for FS2000 has been released, I added a link for the FREE download file. Altered some wording with reference to PR and Diaz operations of Delta Ship 41. I had received complaints about the original writings in e-mail from the Diaz company in PR.

April 24th, 2001

Altered main page "Index/Contents" on main page in rows of three to prevent too much scrolling on main page (like it used to be). Plus, I just think it looks neater.

April 23rd, 2001

Removed the DC-3 Web Ring and also the DC-3 Survey, apparantly, I was suspended because I did not have there server code for the web ring and survey correct (meaning links to there sites), and so, I removed them and suspended 'them' instead.

April 22nd, 2001

With much SUPER help from Chris Taylor (Thanks Chris), I updated the section titled "Fantasy OF Flight DC-3 Protest" with better wording and pictures re-formatted by Chris. Maybe I have found the co-webmaster I have been looking for?

April 17th, 2001

Added new screenshots of the upcoming Free DDA DC-3 Flight Simulator, with a couple of interesting shots for you to figure out the difference of simulation or reality.

April 16th, 2001

Added a DC-3 Site Survey to the bottom of main page index, and it is hoped 'all' folks will take part as I suspect this should be very interesting. Also added a section titled 'Dc-3's at EAA Sun'n Fun 2001.

April 15th, 2001

Changed site counter to a new one that provides stats and loads faster. More updates to make to the site very soon.

April 7th, 2001

Added more information and photos to the section titled "Negelected DC-3 in the UK", also added more info and pics to the section "Strange DC-3 Accident.

April 4th, 2001

Added a section titled 'A Neglected DC-3 in the UK', and updated and made 3 corrections in the European DC-3 Listing.

April 3rd, 2001

Added a section titled FREE 'DDA' DC-3 Simulator. Don't miss this one.

April 1st, 2001

And again today, added another section titled "DC-3 in a Flood & DDA". This is quite an interesting page. I think I am done for the day.

April 1st, 2001

Just added yet another section titled "Tech Drawings of the DC-3 #2". Also added link to each other with Tech Drawings of the DC-3 #1.

April 1st, 2001

Just added another section titled "Japanese DC-3, ..The L2D". I still have 3 more sections to add so stay tuned to the site. Also made another link in the index section to this page for ease of navigation.

April 1st, 2001

Added six new sections: 'Strange DC-3 Accident", "European DC-3 Listing", "DC-3 Advertisements", "The DC-3 in Iceland", "The DC-3 in Colombia", "Dodson Turbo DC-3 Inventory". Also updated address in the DC-3 Catalogue section, Corrected some information on the Russian Li-2 section, Modified main page background and placed up a new Logo for "The DC-3 Hangar". It has been a busy weekend with 4 more sections to add.

March 22nd, 2001

Added more photo's into the 'Russian DC-3, the Li-2' section.

March 21st, 2001

Added more info in the 'How to taxi the DC-3' section. Added "Award of Excellence" logo presented to The DC-3 Hangar, it has just been chosen and awarded the 'StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award". To me.. this is the most tremendous thing that has happened for my site, and what a reward for all the hard work!! StudyWeb® is one of the Internet's premier sites for educational resources for students and teachers. Since 1996, there expert reviewers have scoured the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included in StudyWeb's listing of educational links. Each site in StudyWeb® includes a detailed review describing its editorial and visual merits. So... Chalk one up for aviation !! Oh, and I fixed a broken image link and tidied up the left hand side of page a little.

March 18th, 2001

Added DC-3, UFO, Bermuda Triangle section

March 3rd, 2001

Added new section, Russian DC-3.. The Li-2

February 19th, 2001

Added throttle quadrant logo to the left side and added a great DC-3 cockpit photo to the 'How to Fly the DC-3' section.

February 12th, 2001

Added 2 new sections, CFB C-47's in LA and Other DC-3/C-47's in LA. Updated the Basler Turbo BT-67 Inventory filling in the gaps and correcting typos.

February 11th, 2001

Added new sections, Basler BT-67 Turbo Inventory and Lamp from a DC-3 Cylinder. Updated DC-3 Scrapyard with more photo's and some identities. Also updated the 'How to fly the DC-3' section with some interesting information on the SC-47 and also some more about DC-3/C-47 De-icing.

February 10th, 2001

The DC-3 Hangar Web site has been moved and is now LIVE, on a new and faster web server and, without any down-time. ....We now have a new sponsor and have become an affiliate of TheMag, a flight simulation news e-zine mailed directly to your e-mail for free. Or you can visit TheMag from the link on the mian page near the bottom. ....It is hoped our new home will grow and grow even bigger than it is now, as we have many new web options and goodies available. So, be on the lookout for new updates and utilities to The DC-3 Hangar soon. .....Please pop into our new DC-3 Forum and say hello, or wish us luck in our new and faster home. .....The new URL for The DC-3 Hangar is now and this is the one you need to add or update as a bookmark. The old URL of, will now only re-direct you here to ......Thanks to all of you for visiting The DC-3 Hangar on

January 23rd, 2001

Completely re-designed main page for faster loading, using advanced HTML design. Also Added Copyright page. We have the best DC-3 site on the Net!

January 14th, 2001

Added a Finnair DC-3 available for free download with screenshots for use with FS2000 on the DC-3 flight simulation page.

January 14th, 2001

Added 4 new sections onto the index/contents, DC-3 cockpit photo's #12, DC-3 photo's #13, DC-3 photo's #14 and a section titled DC-3 Scrapyard. Also updated more information on the Polair Tri Turbo, Before and after section by adding additional photo with text.

January 6th, 2001

Added customized Google web search on left menu using DC-3 Hangar logo with results. Added new hostess pic, added bookmark utility and added send a page to a friend utility, all to left menu.

December 31st, 2000

Added rare C-47 picture at bottom of page, designed and added new site logo banner. Inserted CSS code into existing HTML coding to highlight all links in yellow.

December 30th, 2000

Used NetMechanic and WebSite Garage to fix and correct 57 HTML errors on main page. Added NetMechanic logo now that it has ZERO errors in HTML coding. DC-3 photo search has been modified also.

December 28th, 2000

Tidied up side page by reducing byte size on all images, added ALT text to all images, added size to buttons and removed xmas greeting from Java script. All in all, these changes made over the last 2 days will make the page load 3 times faster.

December 27th, 2000

Tidied up main page again by reducing byte size on all images, moved java script in source code to prevent the double body error and placed original banner up, removing xmas theme.

December 8th, 2000

Added three more links that are DC-3 related to the DC-3 links page, also changed the side bar color to aluminum (from a DC-3) on the main page.

December 4th, 2000

Added Christmas theme main logo.

December 3rd, 2000

Added and moved up new logo-link to the DC-3 Aviation museum, added new logo to bottom of main page. Added Lambair DC-3 flight story and added Lambair DC-3 in the Ice story.

November 26th, 2000

Tidied up main page and made the main logo much smaller. Added logo at bottom of page. Designed table within tables to stop overlapping when main page was viewed in smaller window. Removed broken link to DC-3 65th anniversary pin. Added animated link to the DC-3 Aviation Museum on main page

November 21st, 2000

Updated New buttons at center bottom of page, member of ICRA content safe for children, Member of the Avaition TOP 100 and voted one of Best 300 Aviation sites. Also updated DC-3 links page with addition of DC-3 Airways Virtual Airline for flight simulation fans

November 20th, 2000

Updated New DC-3 Hangar Logo

November 8th, 2000

Tidied up the main page with new buttons

November 7th, 2000

Added the following new pages:

"Ozark Airlines DC-3 #4".

"DC-3 photo's #11".

"CAF R4D-6 cockpit photo's".

"R4D-6 engine replacement".

Added this "latest updates" page.

Tidied up the main page with larger logo.

Decreased the spacing in the INDEX/CONTENTS list.

Added simflight Network logo.