Where to find DC-3's

Douglas Aircraft built almost 10,655 DC-3s and C-47s between 1935 and the end of World War II. (Also, 487 in Japan and an estimated 7,000 in Russia, totalling 18,000 plus). Although the aircraft that once made up 87 percent of the U.S. commercial fleet rarely flies passengers these days, you can still see DC-3s take off and land at a handful of airports around the country, and almost 50 museums in the United States and Canada exhibit the beloved Gooney Bird.

In California:

From Long Beach Airport, Catalina Flying Boats operates a DC-3 to haul cargo to Santa Catalina Island.

From California City Airport, Airway Transport flies DC-3s.

In Georgia:

Bob McSwiggan of Academy Airlines, owner of the oldest surviving DC-3, operates a younger model from Hampton Airport, south of Atlanta. The older brother, Douglas DC-3 N133D, a former Douglas Sleeper Transport, awaits a new home at a small airport in Griffin, Georgia. McSwiggan has the airplane up for sale and has been approached by a museum in Tennessee.

In Ohio:

Miami Valley Aviation operates six DC-3s from Hook Field in southern Ohio.


Not close to one of those airports?

Here are the museums exhibiting DC-3s or C-47s. Most of the institutions listed here can be found at:

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park
2703 Battleship Parkway
Mobile, AL

Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry
Wasilla, AK
907-376-1211 (phone)
907-376-3082 (fax)

Castle Air Museum
Castle AFB
Merced, CA

Edward F. Beale Museum
9SRW/CCX, Bldg 2471
Beale AFB, CA

The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"
7000 Merrill Ave Box #17
Chino, CA

March Field Museum
March AFB, CA

Fred E. Weisbrod Museum/
Int'l B-24 Memorial Museum

13001 Magnuson Ave
Pueblo, CO

Air Mobility Command Museum
Dover AFB, DE

Florida Military Aviation Museum
Clearwater, FL

National Museum of Naval Aviation
NAS Pensacola, FL

Valiant Air Command Museum
6600 Tico Road
Titusville, FL

USAF Armament Museum
100 Museum Dr
Elgin AFB, FL

Museum of Aviation
Warner-Robbins AFB, GA

Prairie Aviation Museum
Bloomington, IL
Click HERE for Details

Grissom Air Park - Heritage Museum Foundation
6500 Hoosier Blvd
Grissom AFB, IN

Mid America Air Museum
Liberal, KS

Combat Air Museum
Topeka, KS

Don F. Pratt Museum
AFZB-DPT-MU, 26th & Tenn Ave
Fort Campbell, KY

Eighth Air Force Museum
Barksdale AFB, LA

Yankee Air Museum
Belleville, MI

Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
20900 Oakwood Blvd
Dearborn, MI

Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum
3101 E Milham Road
Kalamazoo, MI

Minnesota Air Guard Museum
670 General Miller Drive
St. Paul, MN

Strategic Air Command Museum
2510 Clay Street
Bellevue, NE

82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum
Bldg C-6841 Ardennes St
Ft Bragg, NC

Bonanzaville, USA
West Fargo, ND

United States Air Force Museum
Wright-Patterson AFC, OH

South Dakota Air & Space Museum
Ellsworth AFB, SD

Dyess Linear Air Park
Dyess AFB, TX

American Airlines C. R. Smith Museum
4601 Hwy 360 at FAA Rd
Ft Worth, TX

Pate Museum of Transportation
Ft Worth, TX

The American Airpower Heritage Museum
9600 Wright Dr
Midland, TX

USAF History and Traditions Museum
Lackland AFB
San Antonio, TX

Hill AFB Museum
Hill AFB, UT

Museum of Flight
9404 E Marginal Way S
Seattle, WA

Fairchild Heritage Museum
92nd Combat Support Group/CCEM
Fairchild AFB, WA

McChord Air Museum
100 Main St
McChord AFB, WA

Calgary Aerospace Museum
64 Mctavish Pl NE
Calgary, AB CANADA

Reynolds Alberta Museum
Wetaskiwin, AB
403-352-5855 (phone)
403-361-1239 (fax)

Comox Air Force Museum
CFB Comox, Lazo, BC

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Hangar #4, Hamilton Airport, 9300 Airport Road, Init 300
Mount Hope, ON
904-679-4183 (phone)
905-679-4186 (fax)

National Aviation Museum
Rockcliffe Airport - Rockcliffe & Aviation Pkwys
Ottawa, ON

RCAF Memorial Museum
8 Wing Trenton
Astra, ON


DC-3 Museums Worldwide

4365 TA-05 Naval Aviation Museum Buenos Aires Argentina


27131 A65-71 War Memorial Canberra, ACT Australia
2029 VH-ABR Ansett Historical Aircraft Melbourne, VIC Australia
4120 VH-ANH Moorabiin Air Museum Moorablin, VIC Australia
6007 VH-AER McDonalds, West Beach Adelaide, SA Australia
6021 VH-AES "Hawdon" Tullamarine, VIC Australia
6024 VH-AEQ Car Dealer Melbourne, VIC Australia
6051 VH-DAS Heritage Homestead Kuranda, QLD Australia
12187 VH-BPA Bush Pilot Memorial Cairns, QLD Australia
12542 N2-43 Naval Aviation Museum Nowra, NSW Australia
13084 VH-BAA Warbirds Air Museum Mildura, VIC Australia
13624 VH-MMF McDonalds, Midlands Midland, WA Australia
20041 PK-BME Western Aust. Museum of Aviation Jandakot, WA
25367 VH-EDD Hotel Cairns, QLD Australia (???)
25495 VH-BAB Druges Airworld Wangaratta, VIC Australia
26638 VH-PTE Amaroo Tavern Moree, NSW Australia
32671 A65-73 Sid Beck's Air Museum Mareeba, QLD Australia
32883 VH-NVZ RAN Historical Flight Nowra, NW Australia
33099 VH-RRA Fire Dump Mascot, QLD Australia
33297 A65-108 RAAF Museum Point Cook, VIC Australia
33301 VH-MMD Power House Museum Ultimo, NSW Australia
33304 A65-111 David Anderson Wastonia, VIC Australia
33460 A65-114 S. Aust. Hist. Aviation Museum Port Adelaide S.A.
34220 A65-124 Air Force Association Bull Creek, WA Australia


10253 LX-DKT Sabena Old Timer Federation Belgium
20823 K-16 Musee Royal de L'Armee Brussels Belgium
26501 K1 Dakota Unlimited Gits Belgium
33119 F-BAIF Victoria Memorial Museum Hondelage Belgium


1934 TAM-01 TAM Base Museum La Paz Bolivia


1545 PP-SQH Varig Museum Porto Alegre Brazil
1992 PP-ANN was playground in Sao Paulo Brazil
4968 PP-CBT Park Manaus Brazil
25588 PP-VBT Bar Garibaldi Brazil
25685 C-47 2015 Museu Aerospacial de FAB Rio de Janeiro Brazil
25951 C-47 2079 Museu Aerospacial de FAB Rio de Janeiro Brazil
26823 PP-VBK Armas e Vehiculas Sao Paulo Brazil
34287 PP-VAZ Bar Porte Alegre Brazil


2141 C-GDAK Canadian Warplane Heritage Hamilton, Ontario
2198 CF-PWH Friends of the DC-3, Canada Burnaby, BC Canada
4563 CF-IAE Reynolds Aviation Museum Edmonton, Alberta
4665 CF-CPY Pole Whitehorse, Yukon Canada
6179 C-FQBI Airport display Harbour Grace, NF Canada
6261 C-FTDJ National Aviation Museum Ottawa, Ontario Canada
7340 C-FBFV Western Canada Aviation Museum Winnipeg,
9041 C-FFST Frontier Antique & Military Aviation Museum St. Chrystome, Quebec
11780 CF-GHX Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
11906 CF-TES Western Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
22117 12963 RCAF Memorial Museum CFB Trenton, Ontario
12490 KG455 Airborne Forces Museum Petawawa, Ontario
12111 FZ576 Commonwealth Military Aviation Museum Sidney
13448 CF-BZI Calgary Airport Calgary, Alberta Canada
26428 KJ956 Memorial Park Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
32922 KN451 National Aviation Museum Ottawa, Ontario Canada

1995 N143J Kbely Museum Prague Czechoslovakia

9664 OY-DDA Danish Aviation Museum Billund Denmark
19200 K-687 Danish Aviation Museum Samling Denmark
20019 OY-BPB Danish Aviation Museum Billund Denmark

11747 HC-AUY Museo Aereo de Fuerza Equatoriana Quito
33496 HC-AUT Museo Aereo de Fuerza Equatoriana Quito

1975 OH-VKB Suomen Llnailumuseo Helsinki Finland
6346 OH-LCH Airveteran OY Helsinki-Malmi Airport Finland
19309 OH-LCD Airveteran OY Helsinki-Malmi Airport Finland
25515 OH-LCF Keski-Suomen Museum Tikkakoski Finland

11722 F-BFGK Association Squadron 64, Pau-Uzein France
12251 F-BEFB Musee de L'Air Paris France
12471 ?? Museo de l'Air Le Bourget France
13142 F-SEBD Jean-Baptiste Salis, Ferte Alais France
13590 F-GBOL Ailes Anciennes Toulouse France
19288 42-100825 Airborne Troop St. Mere L'Englise France
26445 F-OGFI Musee de L'Air Paris France
32935 F-GILV Gilbert Villa Marguerittes France
33448 KP229 Aeronautique Naval Rochefort France
32752 KN379 (F-GEOA)Musee de l'Aeronautique Nancy-Essey

4828 N65371 Air Classic Frankfurt Germany
10100 N569R Frankfurt Germany
19460 42-100997 Aviation Collection Hermeskeil Germany
25450 D-CORA Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim Germany
26342 USAAF 349081 Rhein Main AB Frankfurt Germany
26989 14+01 Deutsches Museum Munich Germany
27108 G -41 -2-67 Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim Germany
27127 A65-69 Templehof Berlin Germany
34214 45-951 USAF Museum Berlin Germany

26372 USAAF 42-491111 Ethnike Aeroporiki Akadamia Moussio
26880 KK169 Ethnike Aeroporiki Akadamia Moussio Tatio 33206SX-ECF Athens Airport Athens Greece

Hong Kong
4423 VR-HDB "Betsy" Hong Kong Science Museum Kowloon Hong Kong

9860 TF-ISB Iceland Aviation Historical Society Reykjavik Iceland
43379 17191 Gate Guard R4D-8 Keflavik Airport Iceland

9858 PK-JJM Kebon Jeruk Jarkata Indonesia
12719 PK-GDT Jawa Tengah Indonesia
13639 PK-GDH Aviation training school Jakarta Indonesia
25489 T-482 Pusat TNI-AU Yogyakarta Indonesia

19420 42- 100957 4X-FNB Haita AFB Tel Aviv Israel
?? 4X-FNL Israeli Air Force Beersheba Israel
?? 4X-FNZ Israeli Air Force Hatzerim AFB Israel

33095 9023 NAS Kanoya Kagoshima Japan

4282 XC-CTM Technical Museum Mexico City Mexico

The Netherlands
19434 PH-PBA Aviodome Amsterdam the Netherlands
10073 N54607 (ex G-BPMP) Luchtvaart Hobby Shop the Netherl
19754 PH-DDZ Dutch Dakota Association Schipol the Netherlands
20118 K-688 Military Air Museum Soesterberg the Netherlands

New Zealand
13099 ZK-BEU RNZAF Front fuselage only
13319 LC-47M Ferrymead Aeronautical Society
13521 ZK-BRD Agricultural Aviation Museum Rotorua
20051 ZK-BYF Silverstream Aeronautical Society Wellington New
26480 ZK-DAK Warbirds Association Aukland New Zealand
33315 ZK-BQK M.O.T.A.T Museum Aukland New Zealand
34223 NZ3551 RNZAF Christchurch New Zealand
34227 ZK-AOK at petrol station Mangaweka, N. Island

11750 LN-WND Dakota Norway Sandefiord Norway
13749 42-93797 Royal Norwegian Air Force Museum Gardermoen AFB Norway

New Guinea
27110 P2-ANQ on pole at Airport Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
32877 P2-002 Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

4830 OB-4830 ORR-581 Lima Peru

25562 48301 Philippine Air Force Museum Villamor AB, Manila Philippines

19755 43-15289 Air Force Museum Alverca Portugal

Saudi Arabia
9623 5B-CBD Gate guard Jeddah Saudi Arabia
32650 SA-R-1 Riyadh Saudi Arabia

13713 YU-ABB National Aviation Museum Belgrade Serbia
25480 YU-ABG National Aviation Museum Belgrade Serbia

South Africa
12478 KG443 South African Air Force Museum Swartkop South Africa
12586 KG474 South Africa Air Force Museum Swartkop South Africa

20600 T3-36 Museo del Aire, Madrid Spain

Sri Lanka
25464 C R -821 Sri Lanka Air Force Museum Colombo Sri Lanka
33556 CR-822 Sri Lanka Air Force Museum Colombo Sri Lanka

9103 SE-APW Skoklosters Motor Museum Balsta Sweden
13647 SE-CFR Stifelsen Flygrande Veteraner Bromma Airport Sweden
13383 SE-CFP Flygande Veteraner Bromma Airport Sweden
42970 SE-EGR mounted on poles High Chaparral Hillerstorp Sweden

33393 HB-IRN Swiss Transport Luzern Switzerland

12509 B- 126 Chung Chen Aviation Museum Taipei Taiwan

9651 12629 Royal Thai Police Museum Bankok Thailand
25413 #152 Royal Thai Air Force Museum Bankok Thailand
32849 76517 Royal Thai Air Force Museum Bankok Thailand

13877 YSL-52 TKH Hava Muzesi, Yesilyurt Istanbul Turkey
26456 Unk TKH Hava Muzesi, Yesilyurt Istanbul Turkey

United Kingdom
1911 EI-AYO Science Museum RNAY Wroughton, WILTS UK
2108 N4565L 390th Bomb Group Mem. Museum Framlington, Suffolk UK
9836 FD938 Airborne Forces Youth Initiative Middle Wallop UK
10200 ZA947 BBMF Coningsby, LINCS UK
19074 F-GEFU (Nose only) Booker High Wycombe, Bucks.UK
19347 G-DAKS Aces High North Weald, ESSEX UK
19975 G-BHUB Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridge UK
26717 G-AMPP Aces High North Weald, ESSEX UK
27209 G-AMSM Brenzett Aero Brenzett, KENT UK
32918 KN448 Science Museum London UK
33335 KG374 RAF Aerospace Museum Cosford, W. Mid UK
33419 KP208 Airborne Forces Museum Aldershot, Hants UK

United States

1910 N16070 Pinal Air Park Marana, AZ
1918 N17332 American Airpower Midland, TX
1983 N18111 private ownership (1996 unk) Memphis, TN
2000 N18124 NASM Washington, DC
2015 N101ZG War Eagles Air Museum Santa Teresa, NM
2105 N11L Richmond County Museum Augusta, GA
2144 N21728 Henry Ford Museum Dearborne, Ml
2180 N1690 Allied Air Force Museum Allentown, PA
2193 N600RC Florida Military Aviation Museum Clearwater, FL
2202 N12978 C.R. Smith Museum Fort Worth, TX
2245 N 138D Museum of Flight Seattle, WA
3269 N760 Museum of Science and Industry Los Angeles, CA
3294 N 1945 Denver Aerospace Science Museum Denver, CO
4085 N33639 Military Aircraft Restoration Corp. Altanta, GA
4201 41-7723 Pima Air Museum Tucson, AZ
4433 N193DP Museum of Flying Santa Monica, CA
4545 44V Carolina Aviation Museum Richfield NC
4574 N101Z Alaska Transport & Industry Palmer, AK
4790 N34FL Military Aircraft Restoration Corp. West Palm Beach, Fl
4864 N 1301 Edwards AFB, CA
4865 41-20095 Wright Patterson AFB OH
4877 N569AR Museum of Flying Santa Monica, CA
4894 N763A Prarie Aviation Museum Bloomington, IL
4900 N56V Richmond County Museum Augusta, GA
6337 N 15748 Museum of Flight Seattle, WA
7313 N147M Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum Kalamazoo MI
9358 12418 U.S. Naval Aviation Museum Pensacola, FL
9380 N53ST Liberal Air Museum. Liberal KS
9530 42-23668 Edward F. Beale Museum. Beale AFB Marysville, CA
9619 12436 U.S. Army Aviation Museum Fort Rucker, AL
10073 N54607 Military Aircraft Restoration Corp. Chino CA
11762 42-68835 McClellan AFB Sacramento, CA
11903 N54608 Florida Military Aviation Museum Clearwater, FL
11928 42-108808 Texas Museum of Military History Dyess AFB Abilene, TX
12508 42-108866 Pate Museum of Transport Fort Worth, TX
12683 N65162 State Fairgrounds Oklahoma City, OK
12686 42-92841 Dover AFB Historical Center Dover, DE
12852 N 16602 American Warbird Company Nut Tree, CA
13004 42-92127 Elsworth AFB Museum Rapid City, SD
13050 N90830 Kalamazoo Aviation Kalamazoo, Ml
13227 N64604 Fred E. Weisbod Aircraft Museum Pueblo, CO
13741 42-93790 Army Parachutist's School Fort Benning, GA
13752 42-93800 Bonanzaville USA West Fargo, ND
13860 N293WM National Warplane Museum Geneseo, NY
19054 N3239T Valiant Air Command Titusville, FL
19066 N47060 World Aircraft Museum Calhoun, GA
19320 N41 Kulis ANG Anchorage, AK
19458 42-100995 National Atomic Museum Albuquerque, NM
19666 43-15200 Alaskan Historical and Transportion Palmer, AK
19797 43-15331 National Museum of Transport St. Louis, MO
19976 42-510 Hurlburt Field Memorial Park Ft. Walton Beach, FL
19978 N62376 Oregon Museum of Science & Industry Portland, O
20045 43-15579 March Field Museum Riverside, CA
20101 43-15635 National Museum of Transport St. Louis, MO
20443 43-15977 Castle AFB Atwater, CA
20596 43-16130 8th Air Force Museum Shreveport, LA
20835 43-16369 World Aircraft Museum Calhoun, GA
25359 43-48098 Strategic Air Command Museum Bellevue, NE
25824 BuNo 17278 Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum Quantico,
26193 43-48932 82nd Airborne Division Museum Fort Bragg, NC
26218 43-48957 Warner-Robins AFB Macon, GA
26268 N232GB Georgia Historical Aviation Museum Stone Mout.
26273 N219GB Tinker AFB Airpark Oklahoma City, OK
26388 43-49127 Maxwell AFB Montgomery, AL
26408 N151ZE American Airpower Midland, TX
26467 43-49206 Altus AFB Altus, OK
26531 43-49270 Grissom AFB Peru, IN
26542 43-49281 Hill Aerspace Museum Ogden, UT
26583 N33 Minnesota ANG Minneapolis, MN
26597 43-49338 Chanute AFB Rantoul, IL
26616 43-49355 Charleston AFB Charleston, SC
26703 43-49442 Warner-Robins AFB Macon, GA
26768 43-15174 USAF Museum Dayton, OH
26787 N827NA Fairchild AFB Spokane, WA
26874 N229GB Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Reading, PA
26968 N237GB North Dakota ANG Fargo, ND
27080 (Nose only) Military Aircraft Restoration Corp. Caldwell, NJ
27113 43-49852 Bishop Honolulu, Hl
32658 44-76326 Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile AL
32789 44-76457 Stout Field Indianapolis, IN
32794 44-76462 Pope AFB Fayetteville, NC
32818 44-76486 Bu# 39103 USAF Armament Museum Ft. Walton
32834 44-76502 McChord AFB Tacoma, WA
32914 710Z Combat Air Museum Topeka, KS
33003 44-76671 Lackland AFB San Antonio, TX
33048 N8704 Yankee Air Force Ypsilanti, Ml
33153 N5467Y
33170 BuNo 99831 CAF Arizona Wing, Falcon Field, AZ
33216 N2312G Military Aircraft Restoration Corp. Nashville TN
33345 N227GB American Airpower Heritage Midland, TX
33359 N34 FAA Oklahoma City, OK
34189 45-928 Cradle of Aviation Museum Farmingdale, NY
34236 N8040L Escadrille Cambridge, MA
34344 45-1074 Pima Air Museum Tucson, AZ
43321 BuNo 50835 MCAS EI Toro Santa Ana, CA
43322 BuNo 50821 U.S. Naval Aviation Museum Pensacola, FL
43324 BuNo 50834 Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum Quantico,
43344 N3906J C-117D CAF Harlingen TX
43363 BuNo 50826 Pima Air Museum Tucson, AZ

12386 YV-T-RTC Venezuelan AF Maracay Venezuela
19335 YV-O-MC1 Transport Caracas Venezuela